Smallpox Spreads
 This deadly disease spread rapidly throughout New England, causing anxiety within communities.

Eorupeans traded many things with the Native Americans.
-Smallpox is a deadly disease that covers the victims body with pimple-like pustulates
 -Smallpox injured the political and social aspects of Europe and Asia
-Europeans brought smallpox over to America
- Native Americans were greatly affected by this disease because they had never been exposed to it
-Half of the Native American population was wiped out because Europeans purposely traded comtaminated blankets with the natives
-This created tension between the natives and the Europeans


A paper the community would have received regarding small pox.

- The smallpox epidemic in 1692 killed about 500 people in the Salem Village area

-The disease was brought over with people who were traveling over to America from Europe

-People were frantic and cautious about everything they did, afraid of catching the disease

-Apprehension between family, friends, and neighbors built up in the community