The Charter Revokes
The Massachusetts Bay Charter revocation was decided by King William and Queen Mary of Enlgand. They felt as though this colony in America was rebelling from England and was in need of change.

Revocation of the Massachusetts Bay Charter

-Massachusetts refused to follow the imperial system of 
-Strong senses of local perogatives and authority started to
  emerge from the colony
-This led to policy conflicts with Great Britain
- Great Britain did not like the fact that the colony was becoming independent and did not have to rely on Britain as much as they used to
-A new governor of the Massachuetts Bay Colony, named
  William Phips, was appointed by the King of England in

FIrst Flag of New England c1686. This flag is the red ensign of New England and contatins a Saint George cross with a pine tree in the canton.
Sir WIlliam Phips- Governor of Massachusetts. He was chosen to help deal with the chaos in the community.