The Beginning of the Accusations

People started reacting to the changes of the community and soon accusations got blown out of proportion.

Tituba, an accused witch, casting a spell.
-First afflicted girls were of two cousins named Abigail
 Williams and Elizabeth Parris
-The village doctor, William Griggs, could not figure out
 why the girls were throwing random fits, and so he
 assumed they were bewitched
-They blamed Tituba, thier family slave and
  housekeeper, as well as Sarah Osbourn, and Sarah
  Good, who were two outsiders  of the community
-Tituba confessed that she was indeed a witch and that
  the Devil had come to her and made her sign her
  name in a book
-She claimed that Sarch Good and Sarah Osbourne
  had also signed the book

The "bewitched" reacted with many different emotions, some violent or physical when they were accused.